Sacred Awakening Wellness Retreats

At Home Microdosing

Your journey begins at home. Healing is a journey in time. Start with Microdosing support from the ease of your home. High quality microdosing supplements made with love. We’ll send the supplements safely to your door.

We offer personalized (video/voice) individual integration coaching, focusing on healing, wellness (exercise and plant based diet) and spirituality (journaling and meditation). 


We offer spiritual and holistic coaching specific to the psychedelic process in a personalized way. We incorporate energetic, yogic, somatic and eco therapeutic modalities to integrate your process in a way that will be effective long term. Given the very personal, highly intuitive nature of this work, each process is unique and held with deep respect, curiosity, and flexibility. Healing is relational and having support from an experienced coach can act to catalyze the potential of the therapy.


The Sacred Awakening Retreat is a life-changing, in-person spiritual learning experience where individuals transform to a new level of consciousness leading to rebirth. As in the Hero/Shero Journey, a call to spiritual action and collective healing awakens us from being imprisoned by our times of difficulty and trauma. Within us exists the power to be instruments for healing. We each have incredible innate capabilities as we are constructive co-creators with the universe. By attuning to ourselves, we discover the internal restoration necessary to broaden our capacity for compassion, joy and connection. Through the Sacred Activism Community, we support the process of radical healing embracing the elements of nature while fostering relationships that allow our highest gifts and brightest light to emerge.