Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories & Testimonials

What an incredible healing time you prepared for me in Yosemite.. being surrounded by the beauty here in Yosemite is so healing. I am filled with gratitude and appreciation...~Lynn

It's hard to find words to express how wonderful it is to be with these wonderful people in this beautiful place! ~Teresa

I accomplished my goal of learning how to "LIVE with cancer" through being with all the other women...I honestly forgot I have cancer....What an experience! ~Marty

This was a trip I will remember for a long time....Thank you for organizing a wonderful weekend for women touched by cancer. It's a true gift of relaxation, camaraderie, access to amazing nature and pampering. ~Carol

This has been the most incredible experience I have had in years. ~Laura

Thank you for making lifetime memories possible for us. ~Marion

Thank you so much for providing such a memorable weekend in Yosemite. It was life changing! ~Yolanda

The retreat freed me up to try new things-to go beyond what I thought I could do...The retreat also taught me that I’m not alone. Others cope with similar challenges, have similar fears...In general, the most impressive thing about the retreat was that a special atmosphere was created where the women of all different ages and backgrounds bonded on a very deep level. I think we truly felt a sisterhood.  ~Kate

Others may never understand that special bond that grows between us and the strength we give each other. Though we may go our separate ways on our journeys, we will always have with us the faith, hope, and love that was shared between us this one special weekend.  ~Bonnie

Yosemite is my new healing place!  ~Charlotte

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The Sacred Awakening Retreat is a life-changing, in-person spiritual learning experience where individuals transform to a new level of consciousness leading to rebirth. As in the Hero/Shero Journey, a call to spiritual action and collective healing awakens us from being imprisoned by our times of difficulty and trauma. Within us exists the power to be instruments for healing. We each have incredible innate capabilities as we are constructive co-creators with the universe. By attuning to ourselves, we discover the internal restoration necessary to broaden our capacity for compassion, joy and connection. Through the Sacred Activism Community, we support the process of radical healing embracing the elements of nature while fostering relationships that allow our highest gifts and brightest light to emerge.